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Licensing trends: The brands of Kid Influencers

Licensing trends: The brands of Kid Influencers

Kid influencers can instantly connect with millions of viewers and that connection has proven even more critical for kids attending school virtually during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Streaming media grew rapidly in 2020, which has led to a new wave of kid influencers who have found a dedicated audience and built wholly unique brands. License Global’s list of the next generation of kid influencers highlights how families worldwide have found success by creating content that connects with kids. This new class of kid influencers has built content that connects families in a time when fun content is in high demand.

Kids Diana Show’s: Love, Diana brand

Kids Diana Show
Ukrainian YouTube channel where Diana has been telling her stories since 2015.

Kids Diana Show’s videos include toy unboxings, vlogging, educational content and pretend play. Her videos, broadcasted at the fith-largest Youtube channel worldwide according to subsribers (May 21, 2021), mostly rely on expressive faces and costumes to tell stories. Stone Newman, chief revenue officer, says, “We want girls to be the princesses of their kingdoms with Diana as their royal friend. Never has there been a better time in history to celebrate kids’ imaginations as kids all over the world are forced to create their worlds of play at home, the creators have been their playmates.” Love, Diana’s impact has already been proven in the licensing industry as the brand has more than 40 licensees.

Product categoriesToys, Girls toys
BrandLove, Diana brand 
In planningRollout of more new properties, including an exciting new creator franchise

YouTube (79,6 Mio. Subscribers²)

Instagram (349.000 Subscribers²)

Vlad & Niki

Kidfluencer Vlad & Niki
Vlad & Niki run one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world.

“Vlad & Niki,” a YouTube series starring young brothers living in Dubai, has become a global preschool phenomenon and the highest-rated boys’ channel on YouTube. Sergey Vashketov, the father of the YouTube preschool superstars. “We want kids to feel that they are playing with Vlad and Niki in their own homes, going on adventures together, while tapping into their own role playing, creativity and imagination. Since launching the channel in 2018, “Vlad & Niki” have attracted more than 170 million subscribers worldwide. They have 68,7 million subscribers to their English channel and 50 billion views. On average there are five billion monthly views on 16 channels translated into 13 languages. 

Toy linesVlad & Niki toy line with Playmate Toys and Zuru Toys launched in summer 2021
Licensing agenciesHaven Global, WildBrain CPLG in Russia, EMEA and Retail Monster in the U.S.
In planningChildren’s fashion lines are in the works with Entertainment Retail Enterprises and Evode Group

YouTube (68,7 Mio. Subscribers²)


Kidfluencer WeWearCute
The sisters channel WeWearCute has one of the highest audience reaches on TikTok.

TikTok duo WeWearCute, featuring sisters Ashley and Emma, have exploded in popularity, with more than two billion views in 2020 and over 11 million followers on the platform to date. In November 2019, The Joester Loria Group, a specialist for lifestyle products, announced its representation of the lifestyle and product influencers. Chief executive officer, The Joester Loria Group. “TikTok is a window into youth culture, and Emma and Ashley bring an innate ability to create engaging content that resonates with today’s youth. ”The WeWearCute girls haven’t stopped unleashing licensed products since.

Product categoriesfashion, lifestyle products, crafts, toys and pranks
Licensing agencyJoester Loria Group 
LicenseesMad Engine, Spin Master, Taste Beauty, Build-A-Bear
In planningThere’s much more to come as they launch apparel, home and electronics in 2021.

TikTok (11,7 Mio. Subscribers²)

Instagram (357.000 Subscribers²)

Trinity and Beyond

Kidfluencer Trinity and Beyond
YouTube channel starring the sisters Trinity and Madison.

Trinity and Beyond create entertaining and family-friendly content on Youtube. With their parents the sisters perform funny pranks and skits for kids and kids at heart. According to Lisa Berlin Wright, senior vice president, Semaphore Licensing, the key to its success comes from the infectious fun that Trinity and Madison have in each video: Their fans want to have play dates at their house. With the quarantine, each video is like a fun play date with your best friends. To date, the channel has 6.7 million YouTube subscribers and more than three billion lifetime views. This massive following has led to a slate of licensing deals.

Product categoriestoys, stationery, sleepwear, footwear 
Licensing agencySemaphore Licensing
BrandTrinity and Beyond
LicenseesBonkers Toys, Fashion Angels, SG Companies
In planningTrinity and Beyond and Semaphore Licensing now look to expand on the licensing success they’ve achieved in the last year

YouTube (6,7 Mio. Subscribers²)

Like Nastya

Kidfluencer Like Nastya
Like Nastya runs 14 multi-channels in different languages.

With more than 200 million subscribers across 14 multi-channels Nastya Radzinskaya is one of the most prominent YouTube personalities in the world. Based in Florida, Radzinskaya was recently named to Forbes list of highest-paid YouTubers. To Gary Krakower, vice president, licensing, IMG, the agency in charge of licensing the Like Nastya brand, the reason for the YouTuber’s success comes from Radzinskaya’s personality and close bond with her father. IMG has leveraged the brand’s massive online success into international licensing deals across categories. 

Product categoriesfood, beverage, footwear, kids’ outerwear, home furnishing, education, health and beauty, publishing, pet, outdoor
Licensing agencyIMG
BrandLike Nastya
LicenseesJazwares, Bentex, Handcraft, Centric Brands, Jada-Simba Dickie, Betesh

YouTube (74,4 Mio. Subscribers²)
Instagram (10.000 Subscribers²)

Tiana Wilson

Kidfluencer Tiana Wilson
Tiana Wilsons runs her youtube channel since April 2015 and has an apparel and accessories line.

Since its beginnings in 2017 Tiana Wilson’s channel has crossed more than 11 million followers on YouTube and more than 357,000 on Instagram. Her success has led to diverse licensing deals among which her Hearts by Tiana apparel and accessories line is available at more than 1,000 retailers across the U.K. The publishing partnership with Kennedy Publishing debuted an analogue 36-page print issue. Ian Shepherd, founder and chief executive officer, The Social Store – the licensing and consumer product agent for Wilson’s brand – believes the novel partnership with Kennedy Publishing points to the varied opportunities available for the Hearts by Tiana brand: “It will be a huge success for kids looking to learn more about Tiana.”

Product categoriesdaywear, nightwear, bags, shoes, accessories, publishing, stationery
Licensing agencyThe Social Store
BrandHearts by Tiana
LicenseesKennedy Publishing

YouTube (11,5 Mio. Subscribers²)
Instagram (357.000 Subscribers²)


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