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Change in lifestyle

Where the rural section still continues the tradition of staying together in a joint family, the urban section has undergone huge change in response to the global changes, development in terms of industrialization, education, and urbanization. The families are getting nuclear in size. The old traditional joint family system with several generations living under one roof is decreasing.  The family size has shrunk and young parents are left on their own and face the challenge of keeping up with the fast pace of changes.

Society changes lead to new trends

These changes lead to new ideas and trends, this is where the brands step in with their new age solutions. With all the development going around, they come up with solutions to provide support to the parents. A lot of ideas have emerged online and offline. While the online brands are coming with content on various topics, the retail brands are involving the new age parents in various activities.

Brand to the rescue – an online shopping brand, understanding that technology is important for people in their everyday life has come up with a parenting page, covering different topics on parenting, health & nutrition during the various phases for mother and child, expert talks by doctors & nutritionist on different aspects, animated stories for children’s various age groups. Parents find the information very handy and can go through the same as per their needs and requirement.

But parents do not only look for digital content but also for personal and live interactions where someone can guide them through the various phases. Mothercare India – a retail brand considering the same fact, has launched parenting workshops with one to one interactions with experts. Also they are upcoming with parenting centers in different cities to involve parents on a regular basis with their programs on nutrition, health and parenting styles.

Connecting with the customer via services

These brands are working towards to build relationships with their customers via providing various services. Also they can connect to their customers with many ongoing milleninal ideas like posting stories on social media platforms i.e., Instagram, Facebook. They can involve famous parents bloggers , so that the customers can relate with them easily while getting to know about thier service and products. Involving teachers from various institutions and asking them to share educational ideas are already a good idea to involve parents.

Becoming the need of the hour, these brands are focused on setting new trends by not only selling baby related products but also providing solutions. The brands should also look out for the rural section as there is a huge scope for business. But before this potential can be exploited, the people in these regions have to become aware about it. Once these trends are brought to their light, surely they will also reach out for these solutions.

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