Baby and Infant Articles: What’s hot in 2021

Header_Baby and Infant Articles: What’s hot in 2021

In glass, but impact resistant

Wide Neck Glass Feeding Bottle  from Happy Care
The colour-changing coating of the Wide Neck Glass Feeding Bottle 120 ml by Happy Care indicates a too hot liquid inside. 

Representative of a new trend, the Happy Care smart Wide Neck Glass Feeding Bottle 120 ml for newborns is made of high quality borosilicate glass covered with a layer of silicone. Such a solution makes the bottle impact resistant while granting the durable cleanness of glass. Furthermore, should the bottle fall to the ground there will be no dangerous splinters scattered around. The bottle, featuring light weight and ergonomic shape, is smart since the coating will indicate that the temperature of the liquid is too high by changing its cover to a white colour. (Happy Care, Switzerland)

A tiny bear that really soothes

Béké-Bobo therapeutic bears
Béké-Bobo therapeutic bears quickly relieve ear infections, migraines, teething, colic and stomach aches. 

Made from a mixture of cereals that release moisture when heated or cooled, the Béké Bobo therapeutic bears relieve ear infections, migraines, teething, colic and stomach aches. Their soothing humidity has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes relaxation. The tiny bears are also recommended for breastfeeding women. When heated and applied on the breast, they provide warmth and humidity which helps to unclog milk ducts, reduces pain, and promotes a better grip of the nipple for baby. Medical device recognized by Health Canada and the European Union. (Béké Bobo, Canada)

Cutting food with no fear

Kiddikutter knife
The Kiddikutter knife cuts food not fingers! The kid-friendly knives are safe for children two years and above. 

A clever solution to allow little ones to assist in the kitchen: Kiddikutter knife, available in eight attractive colours, is safe for children two years and above and also ideal for people with disabilities. BPA free, non-toxic to use with food, the product has passed strict European safety certifications. Children will love cutting up their own food and preparing fruit and vegetables safely with this kid-friendly knife which, like the Béké Bobo bears, was developed by a mum who had to take care of a child requiring special attentions. (kiddikutter, Australia)

A protected area for play

Antibacterial Puzzle Mat by Sunta Manufacturing
Rinsing the Antibacterial Puzzle Mat with pure water releases the silver ion's antibacterial function. 

Because of the global spread of the COVID-19, the importance of personal hygiene has come to the forefront. Therefore, Sunta Manufacturing is introducing an Antibacterial Puzzle Mat. It’s a new line of play mats which make use of the Ag+ surface with silver ions, a Japanese anti-microbial technology which eliminates 99% of germs and bacteria within 24 hours and guarantees continuous protection: addressed to infants learning to crawl and toddlers starting to walk, they are non-toxic and waterproof, contain no small parts and do not smell. The activation of the antibacterial activity simply requires the user to rinse the mat with clean water in order to release the silver ions in the surface. (Sunta Manufacturing SDN BHD, Malaysia)

Wood goes digital

Magic Touch Curiosity Tablet from HAPE
The Magic Touch Curiosity Tablet with wooden elements presents over 150 sounds and numbers, letters and animals in German, Italian and Spanish to babies.

An innovative educational toy for little babies (from 6 months of age), the Magic Touch Curiosity Tablet by Hape/Baby Einstein combines digital technology and wooden elements to provide them with an attractive experience at the simple touch of one of the icons, activating over 150 melodies, sounds and phrases in three different languages. Furthermore, it stimulates fine motor skills and teaches numbers, letters, animals, colours and shapes. The Tablet’s sturdy structure avoids parents worrying about broken displays or protective covers. (Toynamics Europe GmbH, Germany & Hape)

Soft, fast and transformable

Mini Revellino
The Mini Revellino "Fire truck" is suitable for fast-paced races, for cuddling and for individual modifications with building blocks. 

Starting in July 2021, the successful Revellino line of remote controlled soft plush vehicles for little children (from 2 years on) will be extended to the Mini Revellinos, adding a new feature: the cars can be creatively modified using conventional building blocks. The Mini Revellino “Fire Truck” and further vehicles,  addressed to kids from 3 years of age, are equipped with a powerful friction motor and speed across smooth surfaces particularly fast, supporting the development of motor skills and helping children stay fit and active; like the other vehicles in the line, they have a removable plush cover to cuddle and wash. Three models (fire engine, police car and racing car) will be available for the product launch. (Revell GmbH, Germany)

Bounce and ride!

Air Hopper by Micro
The Air Hopper by Micro combines the well-known hopper ball concept with the fun of riding on wheels. 

Combining the well-known hopper ball concept with the fun of riding on wheels, the Micro Air Hopper consists of two components – an inflatable main body and a chassis with 360-degree pirouetting polyurethane wheels that are exceptionally quiet and leave no marks. With the Air Hopper, the toddlers are already mobile and active before their first attempts at walking. Furthermore, beyond the giggles and fun, coordination and balance are skillfully promoted. Ergonomically designed, available in blue or pink versions, the product is intended for children from 18 months on and is suggested for indoor use. (Micro Mobility Systems AG, Switzerland)

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