Children’s profiles: Change in segmentation

Study provides a new way to reach the target group
Children’s profiles

In AIJU’s last investigation, today’s European children, their commonalities, and specific differences were analysed. Their characteristics were defined based on qualitative research and a quantitative study (3,547 children in 5 countries: Germany, France, Italy, UK, and Spain). One of the most important results of the study is a proposal for a new segmentation of children based on social profiles.

Common characteristics 

Nowadays, children belong to the Alpha generation. The information about generations helps us understand how children are in general, considering the things they have in common. For instance, they share certain motivations as they are all experiencing a pandemic. Another factor is a greater awareness for the environment. 

This information is relevant for companies to consider when targeting children with a new product or communication campaign. However, not all children from this generation have the same preferences and interests. It is necessary to segment them to truly understand them.

The world is changing: These are the CHANGERs

A multitude of factors beyond age and gender characterise children. Some examples are children’s attitudes, personality, preferences, needs, lifestyle, etc. AIJU has defined 7 different children’s social profiles and called them the CHANGERs, an acronym based on each of the first words of the names of these profiles.

CREATIVE HEROES. Playful toy lovers.

These are children who love to play with toys and are very imaginative in the way they play with them. They show little interest in technological, musical, and fashion trends, whereas reading and playing sports are some of their preferred activities. They like action, heroes, and adventures and their favourite toys are construction sets, action figures (they love to collect), and vehicles.

Creative Heroes
Open Gallery
Image: Creative Heroes, AIJU 2021

HUMOROUS CHAMPS. Silly play makers.

These are very enthusiastic children who love to play with both toys and video games, and above all enjoy making people laugh. Their favourite toys are minifigures for symbolic play, funny toys, and performance sets like magic kits, costumes, and puppet theatres.

Humorous Champs
Open Gallery
Image: Humorous Champs, AIJU 2021

AFFECTIONATE DREAMERS. Loving princesses and princes.

These are children who enjoy mainly playing as princesses or princes and taking care of dolls and plush toys. They live in a world of fantasy and imagination. They are caring and creative, and love dancing. Their favourite toys are dolls and their accessories, stuffed animals, crafts, dress up sets, and toys that imitate their home and the environment. For them, family and friendship are very important.

Affectionate Dreamers
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Image: Affectionate Dreamers, AIJU 2021

NOTABLE ACHIEVERS. Challenge seekers.

These kids love physical or mental challenges and above all, they like to win at games, video games or sports. They like to follow the news to be up-to-date and usually belong to an organised team. Their favourite toys are skateboards, scooters, bicycles, and any plaything that allows them to practice a competitive activity.

Notable Achievers
Open Gallery
Image: Notable Achievers, AIJU 2021

GREEN EXPLORERS. Curious outdoor adventurers.

These children love nature and animals and are the most aware of the need for caring for the environment. They are very creative. They like playing outdoors and their favourite toys are related to adventure and exploration. They also enjoy playing with stuffed animals, board games, and scientific games. 

Green Explorers
Open Gallery
Image: Green Explorers, AIJU 2021


These kids mainly love reading and doing arts and crafts. They prefer to be at home doing creative activities such as cooking or experimenting, inventing, and creating new things. They are very curious, and their favourite toys are arts and crafts, scientific toys, board games, construction sets, and musical toys and gadgets.

Experimental Makers
Open Gallery
Image: Experimental Makers, AIJU 2021

REMOTE SOCIAL LOVERS. Social media users.

These kids love to be up to date in fashion, music, technology, and video games. They usually have a mobile phone and a tablet. This group uses social media the most, especially YouTube and TikTok. They play with board games and with toys that use technology (videogames, apps, AI, AR, music…) or let them share great things on social media.

Remote Social Lovers
Open Gallery
Image: Remote Social Lovers, AIJU 2021

Effects of age and gender on children’s profiles

It is important to highlight that all the profiles include boys and girls, however, in different proportion. Also, some profiles are more predominant in younger kids while others have more representation in older ones. Moreover, the seven profiles are well represented throughout Europe, but in different percentages. 

A new segmentation to reach children better

Segmenting children into different groups according to their interests and personality allows us to better understand their consumer behaviour. This knowledge will help us offer them more personalized products and services tailored to their actual preferences, and to be more efficient in terms of communication. We are facing a generation that is increasingly clear about what they want and will reward those who manage to identify it.

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