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Wall tattoos from Pastelowe Love

Flexible, changeable wall design

Parents can decorate their child's room with a beautiful children’s wallpaper but the little one’s tastes often change as quickly as they grow. Wall tattoos and stickers provide the family with more flexibility and they can easily change the motif. The Polish company Pastelowe Love creates their wall stickers with attention to detail and the highest quality manufacturing. The film is thicker and is therefore easy to transfer onto the wall, while a special matt finish also protects the picture from scratches and day-to-day wear. Child-friendly world maps, mountain scenery, small towns, cute animals – and lots besides these – decorate the walls in delicate Scandinavian colours.

décor weaving project from Sozo 

Weave yourself an adorable animal head

Children love animals and like to adorn their rooms with them. An interesting alternative to pictures of animals is a wall décor weaving project from Israeli brand Sozo. The DIY packs contain all materials and tools that you need to create an animal head – a wooden weaving frame in the shape of the head of a lion, bear, fox, deer or hare, colourful thick wool, a weaving needle, a embroidery needle to embroider on the face and, depending on the animal, a tool for creating pompoms. Weaving is a simple textile technique that can also be picked up quickly by younger children. Motor skills and coordination are promoted in the creation of these woven heads and, at the end, children have a piece of artwork they have made themselves and that they can proudly display on the wall.

With Eggy & Friends from MEGALIGHT Dr. Kunde 

Atmospheric, loveable children's lamps

At night, when the room is dark, a night light can often be important for little ones. With Eggy & Friends from Niermann Standby, children get to hold a nice illuminating friend in their hands, a friend who pleasantly brightens up the room with their warm white light and who scares off every night monster. The battery-powered LED night light, in the form of a dog, cat, pig, panda or chick in the egg, can be adjusted to your own brightness preferences. The light is switched on and off by pressing once on the animal’s head. Children can regulate the strength of the light, and thereby adjust the atmosphere as desired, by holding the head pressed down. The batteries of the night light are recharged via a USB charging cable in just 4.5 hours.

Bambus-Essen-Set von Pellianni 

Healthy and sustainable mealtimes

Today, children should learn right from the start not just how to have a healthy diet but also that the equipment needed for it is environmentally friendly and preserves resources. Pellianni from Sweden, who offer sustainable products for children, have a bamboo dinner set in their collection that is made up of a plate, a bowl and a cup. The three parts show different black and white drawings, with the background always featuring a different colour. Planets and stars float around a pink plate edge, the bowl is encircled by rockets, unicorns and a tree with its leaves being blown off, and the cup shows a town with a pale blue sky. The designs are gender-neutral and are intended to spark the imagination. The bamboo is 100% biodegradable.

bamboo plates by Bambam

Also made of bamboo are plates by the Dutch company Bambam. Instead of the normal round shape, though, they take the form of a lion’s or giraffe’s head to make children’s hearts jump with joy. These plates are not just suitable for sandwiches, they are just as good for serving up hot meals too. The animal faces are not printed on the plates but instead are branded into the wood, which not only looks visually nicer, it is also more sustainable. Forks and spoons made of bamboo prove to be a good accessory to the plates.

snack box by SnackDISC

Environmentally friendly provisions on the go Children need something to eat and drink several times a day. Meanwhile, there are a large number of different lunchboxes on the market to make sure that kids have a handy little snack for between meals whether they are at nursery, school or on an excursion. The patented SnackDISC by Carl Oscar from Sweden holds snacks in five separate compartments that are opened, quite unusually, by twisting. If required, the inner turntable can be easily removed and placed on the picnic blanket or table. This snack box is compact, environmentally friendly because reusable, dishwasher safe – and a mini adventure for children.

Eco Cans by Rex London 

With its Eco Cans, Rex London offers an innovative solution for taking self-filled bottled drinks with you. Visually, they look like single-use drinks cans and have the same 330ml volume. Made from PLA, a material with the positive characteristics of plastic but that is actually produced from renewable resources like corn starch, they make for an environmentally friendly alternative. The Eco Cans are leak-proof, BPA free and suitable for both hot and cold drinks. At the moment, Rex London offers these eco-drinks cans in six best-selling designs. Children remember what it is they have played with. The environment in which they grow up shapes them too. In this way, lifestyle products form the guard rails that guide children in the development of their tastes and sense of style.

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