Sustainable lifestyle products: Demand is growing

Sustainable lifestyle products: Demand is growing

Cradle of creativity

Toril Lindqvist with son on the beach.
Toril Lindqvist founded Pellianni in 2019.

Pellianni is Toril Lindqvist. For 15 years, the Swede worked alongside her mother at the toy business that she had formed some 35 years before. When Toril became pregnant in 2016, she wanted to design products for her son which were eco-friendly and looked good. While initially working with independent Swedish designers, she took over the design part in 2018 as she had always been artistic and creative, thus bringing Pellianni to life in December 2019.



Natural materials 

Bio cup and knitted blanket made from organic cotton by Pellianni
Pellianni products convince through design and sustainability.

The sustainable products are made of natural, organic materials. They are either bio-degradable, vegan, or made of FSC wood. The beakers are made, for example, of PLA produced from fermented sweetcorn, or PBAT from an organic base and wheat fibres; they are also BPA-free, as well as free of phthalates and other harmful substances such as melamine. Textiles like the knitted blankets are made, for example, from GOTS-certified organic cotton. The factories that Pellianni works with extend ethical and fair social working conditions to their workers. At every point of the supply chain, eco-friendly solutions are given preference, and the same goes for the transportation. Moreover, the packaging is made from recyclable FSC kraft paper and some products are supplied in pouches made from organza fabric which can be repurposed afterwards for buying vegetables and fruits.

Scandinavian design 

Wooden toys by Pellianni
Pellianni focuses on naturalness that combines a reduced design with decorative accents.

The Scandi look conquered Germany's living-rooms many years ago already. Its union of naturalness that combines a reduced design with decorative accents makes it a popular choice. The children's products by Pellianni advocate the same design DNA: a lot of natural wood in birch and beech and the odd use of white or greyed pastels only. This gender-neutral design which avoids typical a baby pink or pale blue is to appeal to both parents as well as children. And therefore, Pellianni children's products, thanks to their rather scaled down colour schemes in the living-room, help them blend in with the rest of the interior rather than interfere with home design choices.

Drawings with a love of detail

Decorative articles made of wood and textile with playing baby.
Decorative items and textiles with hand-drawn black and white illustrations. 

To decorate her blankets, carpets, bags, and other children's lifestyle products, Toril uses hand-drawn black&white illustrations. A graphic drawing style which is very much en vogue throughout the entire lifestyle category. The rocket, city and unicorn motives which are rather simple on the one hand yet on the other espouse a love of detail, give the products a soft appeal without ever feeling too much, thus perfectly rounding off the design. That is precisely how the young brand Pellianni manages to capture today's zeitgeist.


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