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Stationery and Creative Design: What’s hot in 2022

Colourful, animal and imaginative products for children
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Start them young

The My First Crayons Set by Crea Lign contains crayons with a special, ergonomic shape
The “My First Crayons” crayons by Crea Lign have a special, ergonomic shape.

The “My First Crayons Set” by Crea Lign is available in 6 bright colours so that even the youngest children can have fun painting. The crayons have a very special ergonomic shape with a thick ball at the end, so that even toddlers from 12 months of age can hold them well in their hand and guide them over the paper. If the colour gets not only on the painting surface but on hands and even clothes, too, it can be easily washed off with water. Also, the pens are so sturdy that they can withstand falls from a height of more than one metre. So even very young artists can create their very first paintings.  (Crea Lign) 

The “Mucki Squeaky Finger Paints” by Kreul come in four fluorescent colours: green, pink, blue and yellow.
The “Mucki Squeaky Finger Paints” by Kreul come in four different fluorescent colours.

Children also like to use their fingers as a tool for painting and decorating, which is why finger paints go down well with most of them. Kreul now has a new set of bright colours on offer: “Mucki Squeaky Finger Paint” is being launched this year. In addition to the well-known colours of squeaky pink and squeaky yellow, the set contains two other fluorescent colours that make paper, cardboard, wood, glass and other materials burst with colour. The bright, water-based colours are suitable for children from the age of two. The creamy, paste-like consistency, made in Germany, is best suited for use with fingers and hands. The paints are dermatologically tested and wash out well from textiles. (Kreul)

The “Panda and Friends” finger inkpad by Janod contains 5 pictures and a finger inkpad with 5 colours for embellishing the images
With the “Panda and Friends” finger inkpad by Janod, even younger children can get creative with the help of stamping inks

 Not only do pots full of creamy paint inspire creative play with one’s bare hands, great fingerprints can also be left on paper with stamping ink. The “Panda and Friends” finger inkpad by Janod invites children to decorate 5 pictures using a finger inkpad with 5 colours. Little ones from the age of 3 can create a beautiful outfit for the panda bear, dab the monkey’s long tail on it or give the leopard its spots. (Janod)

Beastly good

The images from the Diamond Dotz brand by Brandunit show unicorns and dragons that can be decorated with especially sparkling stones
Diamond Dotz by Brandunit offers unicorn and dragon motifs with especially sparkling stones

Animal motifs always go down well with children, and unicorns and dragons are perennial favourites. Diamond Painting offers a relaxing implementation of the motif that also fosters concentration. As a result, the child receives a glittering mural, a tactile greeting card, a sparkling pencil case or an unusual decorative cushion. The Diamond Dotz brand from Brandunit stands for the highest quality, with particularly sparkling stones containing no harmful substances. The various designs appeal to both younger and older artists as regards motifs and requirement profiles. “Sweet Studycorn” with 2071 Dotz stones and “Dragon Skate” with 3272 Dotz stones are suitable for beginners. The pictures are 23 cm by 25 cm in size and are made using the soft dotting technique, which shows significantly more details with the same number of stones, as the picture is printed on and not every single line is filled with stones. (Brandunit) 

The sewing kits from ApuntBarcelona contain felt pieces with holes, yarn, a cord, a plastic needle and easy-to-follow instructions.
With the sewing kits from ApuntBarcelona, children can create bags with different animal motifs

Kids love little bags with an animal head image on them that they can wear around their neck. And if they can make them themselves, they won’t want to leave home without them. ApuntBarcelona designs sewing kits that contain all the materials the child needs to sew a bag that looks like a fox, rabbit, panda and the like. The sets contain felt pieces with holes, yarn, a cord, a plastic needle and easy-to-follow instructions. Children train their concentration and fine motor skills – and learn the basics of sewing at the same time. The Barcelona-based company focuses on local and ecologically responsible production. (ApuntBarcelona)

Fruitful pastimes

Canenco’s “FruitySquad” stationery collection includes crayons, coloured pencils, markers and more, with each colour having its own fragrance
The “FruitySquad” stationery collection from Canenco consists of pens that have a fruity smell

Children not only love to draw – they also love nice smells. If you combine both, you get pencils that can not only be used for drawing, but ones that also smell wonderfully fruity. The “FruitySquad” stationery collection from Canenco includes crayons, coloured pencils, markers and more, with each colour having its own scent and a cute character. Yellow stands for bananas, red for strawberries and blue smells like…blueberries. The colours are suitable for children aged 3 and over. (Canenco) 

The “scented ice-cream erasers” from bb Klostermann, designed to look like a real ice-cream, have fruity scents, such as lemon, strawberry, grape and apple
The “scented ice-cream erasers” from bb Klostermann have fruity scents such as lemon, strawberry, grape and apple

However, it is not only possible to write aromatically, but also to erase. bb Klostermann offers “scented ice-cream erasers” in four fruity scents. The squeaky yellow eraser smells of lemons, the appetising pink of strawberries, the stylish lilac of grapes and the bright red of apples. The scented erasers that look like ice-creams on a stick don’t just smell nice when they’re obliterating pencil lines, but they’re also special eye-catchers in every pencil case. Measuring in total 8 cm by 3 cm, they make quite an impression and also offer a large erasing surface. (bb Klostermann) 

Particularly with children, pens and creative products that guarantee success are important, because they still have to learn how to cope with setbacks. What’s more, the little ones stay committed to their work when they see it successfully taking shape. And after enjoying a sense of achievement, children and parents will then be keen to start the next creative project.


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