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Adventures of Ayuma: PLAYMOBIL turns magical

  • Play sets for the innovative PLAYMOBIL fantasy universe now available
  • New animated series launches on YouTube

The current PLAYMOBIL catalogue has been arousing curiosity about the new "Adventures of Ayuma" fantasy universe since its release. Now the time has finally come: Eight innovative playsets take children into a mystical world full of magic and adventure. At the same time, a new animated series from PLAYMOBIL will be launched on YouTube and YouTube Kids from 8th October, telling the extraordinary story about the fairies of Ayuma.

An exciting adventure begins

Adventures of Ayuma breaks with classic notions of fairies – with stories in which courageous heroines fight for their world and their dreams. They focus on the fairies’ unique friendship with nature and the animals – as well as the great courage and strength they have to stand up for their beloved, magical world. The mysterious fairy forest of Ayuma is the home of Leavi, Josy and Elvi. The young fairies each belong to one of the three fairy tribes, Forest Fairies, Knight Fairies and Crystal Fairies. Together with their soul animals, they lead a carefree life in Ayuma’s fairy community. But suddenly the mysterious bat fairies appear and, under the leadership of bat fairy Noxana, they begin to steal crystals from Ayuma's magical energy source. The magical fairy forest is in grate danger. Will the young fairies be able to protect their world? Side by side with their best friends, with a good amount of courage and the right soul animal, a heroic journey starts.

In the new PLAYMOBIL animated series, children can fully immerse themselves in the fantastic universe and experience the fairies’ fight for their magical world up close. 11 episodes will be gradually released starting 8th October on YouTube and YouTube Kids. The series will kick off in German, English, Spanish, Polish and Dutch, soon to be followed by French. Further language versions are being planned.

Unfold your wings!

The eight new playsets from PLAYMOBIL let children live out their imagination and embark on a great adventure together with their heroines. Even a new figure shape was created specifically for Adventures of Ayuma. Thanks to the elaborate and graceful design, the realistic eyes and mouth and the cool outfits, the new fairies look modern and downright fierce.

The Community Tree is their home – and the home of their soul animals. The star projector in the highest tower conjures up a mystical starry sky on the ceiling and the lanterns on the tree glow in the dark. The cosy Fairy Hut can be hung on the community tree or in the children's room and decorated with glittery star stickers.

The heart of Ayuma – the Magical Energy Source – excites children with its special features: Its crystal lights up and a flickering light appears in the lake. Turning the water wheel makes the flowers on the lake begin to grow as if by magic and wafts of mist rise. This set also includes secretive glowing elements, like the branches on the weeping willow. The fantastic, old Tree of Wisdom is the often tired advisor to the fairies. But it speaks in riddles – the answer comes from its mouth opening in the form of a 12-sided cube. At the Training Camp, the fairies and their soul animals practice their special skills: Climbing, shooting, making magical potions and much more. Three other fairy play sets of the different factions with their spirit animals and many accessories complete the play world.