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Breyer named master toy partner for Piper’s Pony Tales in US


Breyer Horses has been named the master toy partner for North America and LATAM for a new short form kids’ series called Piper’s Pony Tales, an equestrian-themed series developed by Epic Story Media and the production company Milkcow Media.

The content creation company has confirmed that further discussions are currently taken place with other global partners for toy and broadcast placement.

Targeting pre-schoolers, Piper’s Pony Tales takes a look at the life of ponies through the lens of children’s imagination using articulated puppets. The series will launch this month on a dedicated YouTube channel with Epic Story Media handling all licensing, merchandising, and global content distribution.

Breyer has been named the North American and LATAM master toy partner, drawing on its recognition as a premium maker of authentic, collectable model horses in the US since 1950.

Piper’s Pony Tales follows the adventures of Piper who daydreams about having her own pony. Making do with her toy horse, Spark and her stable play-set, Piper turns her playroom into a setting for Pony Tales as she uses her toy ponies to act out adventures alongside her friends Casey and Paloma.

The series taps into themes of fantasy, freedom, and adventure, as well as the universal magic that every child possesses through their imagination. The series makes use of the dolls as puppets and uses visual effects to animate their faces and bring their stories to life.

The show also features DIY, craft-like sets, empowering kids to create their own stories at home. The series has received financial suport from the Shaw Rocket Fund and the Canada Media Fund through the CMF-SRF Kids Digital Animated Series Programme.

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