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Crafting meets social media as Flair launches Let’s Glow Studio

Flair has lifted the lid on a new genre-bending product launch called Let’s Glow Studio, a content creation craft kit that aims to merge the current demand for arts and crafts with the social media content creation space, using a new GlowFabric Technology to bring content to life.

The patent-pending retro-reflective technology reflects light back to its source to appear bright or lit up in the same colour as the light source, a technology that has previously only been used in products like safety vests, or stop signs. Through Flair’s Let’s Glow Studio, it is now finding its place in children’s crafting.

The new launch will enable kids to create a host of retro-reflective accessories and items of clothing to ‘glow up’ their selfie videos with crafting materials that can be used to light up social content across TikTok, YouTube, or IGTV videos, livestreams and photos.

The key line on the new boundary-pushing collection will be the Let’s Glow Studio, a kit that comes with ‘everything you need to create your own glow-up content,’ including a selection of retro-reflective stickers, hair clips, shutter shades, stick-on nails, and more.

Kids will be encouraged to use these crafting materials to create their own glow-up accessories. Once that has been achieved, children can hit the lights and shoot their selfie videos, using the included StarLight Clip, an LED Selfie Clip that can be attached to any phone, tablet or laptop.

Aimed at kids aged eight years old and upwards, Flair has a keen eye on tapping into the tween and teen market with the range, drawing on interests in fashion, dance, and crucially, crafting. The concept itself has been born out of current social media crazes of TikTok’s glow stick dances and challenges, and the sharing of dancing and fashion content.