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Faber-Castell drives modernisation in logistics

With a seven-digit investment, Faber-Castell intends to further improve and significantly expand its global customer service over the next 2-3 years by automating logistics and packaging processes.

A state-of-the-art new warehouse and distribution centre is currently being built at Nuremberg harbour by logistics partner Geis, where 80 employees will move to in the first quarter of 2022. Currently, the company still picks and ships from the Erlangen-Frauenaurach site. "The new logistics centre lives up to our claim of a holistic production and logistics strategy," says Chief Technology Officer Hans-Kurt von Werder. "The space is ideal for integrating fully automatic packaging machines, for example, in addition to goods storage and picking. We will also be able to individually implement packaging and printing wishes of our customers on site in the sense of ‘late customising‘.Packaging services have so far been based mainly at the plant in the Czech Republic and will also be provided from the new domestic site.

Faber-Castell deliberately decided against outsourcing to a service provider or relocating jobs to low-wage countries when optimising logistics processes: "We are pleased that we will not only be able to keep all jobs at the new location, but also create additional jobs, "emphasises Faber-Castell’s Head of Human Resources René  Günzel."At the Nuremberg port we have opportunities for expansion," adds Hans Kostka, Head of Logistics at Faber-Castell in Stein. "In addition, the planned move will bring logistics and automated packaging under one roof - another step towards better controlling our processes, shortening lead times and further optimising our delivery performance."
Faber-Castell shipped around 1.7 million order items for the Faber-Castell, Eberhard Faber and Faber-Castell Cosmetics companies from the Erlangen-Frauenaurach site in the 2020 financial year - this corresponds to a volume of almost 30,000 pallets and 158,000 parcels. The company exports goods from Germany to117 countries.