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Julian Zag expands role to include consumer products at ZAG Worldwide

ZAG Worldwide‘s continued expansion has resulted in some additional responsibilities for Executive Vice President, Global Operations, Julian Zag.

The independent entertainment studio added a new title - head of global consumer products - to Zag’s resume, effective immediately.

Julian Zag joined ZAG Worldwide in February 2019 and has led growth for its brands, including more than $1 billion in retail sales for the company’s flagship brand, Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. He’s currently ramping up efforts for this fall’s international launch of Zag’s new animated series Ghostforce and a previously unannounced Miraculous spin-off series that will debut further down the line.

In recent months, ZAG’s efforts in the toy aisles have expanded thanks to a long-term partnership between Playmates Toys and ZAG Lab to develop and release Miraculous and Ghostforce products. Additionally, the company’s expansion has led to the hiring of numerous new executives from the likes of MGA Entertainment (MGAE), Mattel, ViacomCBS, Disney, and more.