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King Features gives its classic animated character Olive Oyl a modern rebrand with fearlessness at its centre

She’s one of the classic animation world’s most iconic females that has, for generations, been perceived as the archetypal damsel in distress and focus of Popeye and Bluto’s embittered love triangle, but for Olive Oyl, the course of history is about to be altered for good.

King Features Syndicate has unveiled a new look and vibe surrounding the heroic Olive Oyl, highlighting her attributes as a star in her own right, delivering laughs to readers long before Popeye ever entered the picture. And now, following decades of living with Popeye’s stardom, the world is finally about to meet the true Olive.

Created in 1919, Olive was groundbreaking for the era as one of the first, globally recognized female cartoon characters who did not conform to traditional female stereotypes. Tough and independent, Olive Oyl never required support from a partner, providing for herself first as an entertainer and later through other careers. And while she had many interested suitors over the years, she chose never to marry or start a family.

Her strong will and affable nature make her as relevant today as she was 100 years ago.

Beginning in Spring 2022, fans will see Olive’s new style represented across a range of collaborations, with King Features seeking new partnerships for the character in categories including apparel, accessories, health & beauty, jewelry, handbags, wellness and more.