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Lockdown restrictions in Ningbo

Hape: "Most of the group assortment is available for delivery"

Due to the lockdown in China's Beilun County, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, business operations of some Toynamics Europe GmbH brands may be partially delayed, the company informs. Measures to contain the COVID outbreak, which was detected at a local textile factory on 31 December 2021, were taken in time, it said, so the toy manufacturer is already proactively working with local authorities to resume production promptly.

"We are very happy that we can continue to deliver the majority of our goods and currently hold higher stocks in Europe due to the pandemic. This is because children's products and toys are still in high demand despite the pandemic," explains Dennis Gies, CEO of Toynamics Europe GmbH.

The largest Hape factory with over 1500 employees is located in Beilun, which was affected by the lockdown and was closed due to the local Zero-COVID policy after an outbreak of the disease in a local textile factory. The toy manufacturer's warehouse and production facilities are not accessible, but office workers continue to work from their home offices.

Nevertheless, a large part of the Hape branded articles are located in the fulfilment centre in Lishui, which is not affected by the lockdown. The company is currently working hard to reroute containers to other ports to avoid bottlenecks.

"Most of the product range can be delivered"

The company statement continues, "Thanks to forward-looking logistical planning, the Hape Group's European warehouses have already been stocked ahead of schedule, which is why the delivery of the majority of products is not threatened by the current lockdown. However, due to limited local business, shortages and delays in delivery must be expected for some items and 'make 2 order' orders. Toynamics will reach out to affected customers and work proactively over time to minimise any negative impact."