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Preschool series tackling depression and anxiety in kids eyes toys and games with Bulldog Licensing

The BAFTA-winning children’s television production house, Sixteen South has signed Bulldog Licensing as its global licensing agency for Odo, the new preschool series scheduled to premiere on Channel 5’s Milkshake this summer and KiKA later this year.

Aimed at kids aged three to five, Odo is designed to teach young children to believe in themselves to help combat the rise in anxiety and depression levels in today’s children. Funny, charming and heartfelt, Odo works on multiple levels to provide a humorous experience with important life lessons for kids and parents.

According to the team, the animation ‘lends itself perfectly to a full cross-category programme of licensed products’, as focus will fall on toys and games as well as apparel, accessories, publishing, home, and stationery. Bulldog Licensing has outlined its plans to partner with leading players in the licensing world everywhere.

Believing that there’s absolutely nothing that he can’t do, Odo is the littlest owl at the Forest Camp who is determined to prove that despite his size, he is as capable as all the bigger birds. The series aims to teach young children self-efficacy and to believe in themselves to help combat the troubling rise in anxiety and depression levels in today’s children.

Comedic and warm, with gender neutral appeal, the stories also deal with important themes such as immigration, racism, respect for others, and show kids how to deal with setbacks in a meaningful way while fostering the development of social skills.

Odo is a 52 x 7 hand drawn ‘2.5D’ animation produced by Sixteen South and Warsaw-based 2D animation studio Letko.