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AGU STI2 Smart On-body Temperature Indicator


Product description

Fever is an abnormally high body temperature that usually occurs during an infection, inflammation, or some other kind of malady. Fever is not a disease in itself but it is one of the most common signs of illness, especially among children. The AGU On-body Temperature Indicator Skinny can monitor the child's temperature continuously and accurately. It provides push notifications if the temperature change is fast or it goes too high. You are in control of the situation at any time of the day or night without disturbing the baby, as well, you will be saving your own energy to support him/her during this uneasy time. The temperature indicator is fixed with a special sticker and it is firmly, but gently, attached to the baby's body without creating any discomfort. The simple and user-friendly AGU App offers a wide range of services (monitoring for several kids, temperature graph displays, a full scale portrait of the child’s health) and accumulates data into its history. This is also a great tool for doctors to understand the dynamics of the sickness better.

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Available since/from:
01 Feb 2019

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