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AGU SUN1 Smart Natural Light Lamp


Product description

“Your own sun at home” is a fully controlled lighting system that can imitate sunrise, mid-day brightness and dusk as well. Using the AGU Lamp Sunny ensures an easy wakeup and bedtime regimen for babies, children and adults. AGU Lamp Sunny creates warm lighting, corresponding to natural sunlight, but without UV. It compensates for lack of sunlight in countries with long winters and it provides normal lighting conditions when the natural sun is too strong and homes often need to be closed off with heavy shields.Operating independent of the weather and season with a natural night/day regimen and sufficient natural light throughout the daytime, the whole family is provided with energy and inspiration for development and learning. AGU Lamp Sunny is controlled via the user-friendly AGU App and allows the operator to arrange a fully customized lighting regime with their own personal “sunrise” and “dusk".


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Available since/from:
01 Feb 2017

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