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A musical moon that falls asleep with babies

Product description

Musical toys are the among the first childhood companions. They have always been an important part of the sigikid baby gift collection, and 2021 is no exception. The collection features lots of new musical toys with the same key trademark: The musical boxes are interchangeable.

After a number of years, the musical plush moon is making a comeback in the 2021 collection. The position of the moon’s eyes is what makes it so unique. The lids can be pulled up and down to make it look like the moon is awake or asleep. This helps parents show their little ones that even the moon gets tired and drifts off to the gentle lullaby.

All sigikid musical toys are washable at 30°C after removing the musical box. Additional musical melodies can be purchased separately ( The collection features the classics along with other popular melodies like the theme to Harry Potter or Hey Jude by The Beatles.

More details about the new 2021 products are also published within the sigikid YouTube channel.


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Available since/from:
01 Jun 2021

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