SAMi, your reading bear

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Product description

SAMi, your reading bear is the new friend in the children's rooms.With SAMi, children can immerse into the world of picture books. Simply pin the device to the book and the bear reads the story while the children browse through the book. The navigation is safe, reliable and child's play.
The reading bear is the perfect companion into the colorful world of of books and reading!
4005556000968 Starter-Set Sami Lesebär Größter Schatz
4005556000975 Starter-Set Sami Lesebär Paw Patrol

Every starter set:
•                                       SAMi reading bear and 1 book
•                                       3 years and older
•                                       Format set: 19,2 x 13,2 x 27,5 cm
•                                       Book hardcover

Product data

Available since/from:
1 Sep 2021

Recommended retail price:
69.99 EUR

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