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Nadurines are dolls that give an educational message through their own history. There are four babies that are born from the elements of nature: fire, air, earth and water and are always accompanied by a small magical animal. Children must put their wish into the animal's pocket to commit to caring for the planet together.
Baby Nadurines names are: Neala, Petra, Nil and Malik. All of different ethnicities and although their appearance is that of a human baby but they are fantastic beings such that you can see at their pointed ears. Their magic animals names come from relevant characters in the history: Darwin, Edison, Marie and Sally.
The babies are a high quality vinyl dolls and the animal that accompanies them is a soft plush toy, they do not need batteries. The packaging will be very interactive so that it can be reused by children and will be made with materials with low environmental impact.

The company expands its offer to provide more valued products creating the Nadurines App, which already has more than 400k downloads and on pre-order its first book "The Magic World of Nadurines”. As a result of the sales success of the first Nadurines, this 2021 launches a new edition with a product restyling.

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01 Feb 2021

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