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Bulldozer Liebherr 1:20 2,4 GHz

Liebherr bulldozer with RC front shovel

Product description

If you look around a large construction site, you are sure to find a large bulldozer. JAMARA brings a great remote-controlled toy for this into the children's rooms. A Liebherr bulldozer with a controllable front shovel that can be raised and lowered via the remote control. Driving the licensed bulldozer is as easy as can be. Like any remote-controlled vehicle the dozer can drive forwards and backwards and as in real life the true-to-the-original tracks move in opposite directions when steered. The large scarifier at the rear of the model can be moved up and down manually. The yellow JAMARA Liebherr Bulldozer is already available.

• 2,4 GHz for multi-player operation
• Realistic engine sound that can be switched off
• Horn
• Shovel lift/lower/tilt
• Programmable functions including repeat
• Auto switch-off function
• Backwards drive alarm sound
• Scarifier up/down

Product data

Available since/from:
1 Feb 2021

Recommended retail price:
65.99 EUR

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