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Balloon pump Two-way hand air pump

Balloon pump use easily, smoothly and save time

Product description

Height: 32 CM
An excellent utility for all balloon workers can be used by professionals, amateurs, adults, and children.

Two-way pump, both the upstroke and downstroke of this pump push air into your balloons.

Making for smooth, nearly effortless inflation.

Each component is molded plastic.

Solid easy to set up 260-Taper hole, can be easily plugged into different size of balloons, 260,360,5"~12"…etc.

Stop rolling-Flower shape designed for stopping rolling.

Easy hold-Carved handlebar makes user easy hold handlebar.

Easy holding balloon-Balloon gap easy hold balloon, and avoid inflating away.

New 4 Colors.

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Jan 2021