Harry Potter - Death Eaters Rising

A cooperative dice game

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There's magic in this dice game! Harry Potter™ and his friends are up against Lord Voldemort™ and his sinister followers. They are all a danger to the wizarding community and not only Hogwarts™, but also the Ministry of Magic and Hogsmeade™ are infiltrated by the dark forces. Only if everyone sticks together can they succeed in standing up to the Dark Lord! In this cooperative board game, witches and wizards from Hogwarts™, Dumbledores™ army, and the Order of the Phoenix™ team up to take on him, whose name must not be mentioned, and the Death Eaters™. Each roll of the dice helps find new allies, make plans and defend locations. But, beware. Voldemort™ is also pursuing his plans and is hot on their heels. A must for every Harry Potter™ fan!

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Available since/from:
May 2021

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