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Lookout is proud to announce: Llamaland.

The plateaus are wild, stunningly beautiful and ... full of Llamas?! Being a farmer isn't exactly easy with all the hills and mountains around. But still: growing potatoes, corn and cocoa on the slopes of the mountains is what you love. Luckily the Llamas are a big help, too! By fitting your fields in giddy heights you will gain the necessary crops in order to obtain the desired llama cards. These cards not only provide victory points, but they also allow you to place a llama on your farm. After about 45 minutes, you will have an impressive crop growing area in front of you, including your sweet and cuddly llamas.

60 land tiles in different shapes, 36 crops, 48 llama cards, 30 job cards, 16 task cards, 16 task tokens, 33 llamas, 24 coins, 12 foundations, 4 player boards & 1 rule book

✏️: Phil Walker-Harding
🎨: atelier198 (Klemens Franz)
🕐 Time: 45min
👥 Number of players: 2-4
🧒 Age: 10+
📦 Box Size: 273 x 189 x 65mm
🗃️ Categories: Family Game

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