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Gift Set "Butterflies", 8 pcs

Butterfly breeding set with all accessories

Product description

"Breeding butterflies - so simple! This practical butterfly set makes a wonderful gift or for breeding them yourself! Give someone our German bred caterpillars in combination with the practical breeding set plus comprehensive materials (worksheets, breeding net, etc.) and experience how a caterpillar develops into a butterfly! Guaranteed success with butterfly breeding!
Children learn about the sustainable development of natural phenomena through observation. By engaging with living animals, they learn to take responsibility for animals and are motivated to actively contribute themselves to protecting the environment. The instructions provide lots of activity tips to learn about sustainable development. The set also includes access to digital learning.
The comprehensive set comes with net, beautiful butterfly stickers, digital exercises and the identification table plus a voucher for a delivery of caterpillars. The caterpillars will be delivered to the recipient on their requested date. So you can give the fabulous butterfly breeding set as a gift at any time of the year, guaranteed to delight.

With this butterfly breeding set, you get a real insight into the natural world. Breed these beautiful (painted lady) butterflies from caterpillars with your kindergarten group or school class. You can watch up close the amazing development of our native painted lady from a caterpillar. This is hardly ever possible in nature - a really special and eye-opening experience! The breeding process is simple and children will be enthralled! The gift set contains everything you need for breeding as well as lots of fabulous accessories.


The butterfly gift set contains:

- Voucher for caterpillars in breeding container with food
- Butterfly net, ideal for observation (cocoon to butterfly), approx. 30 cm high, 30 cm diameter (prod. no. 81072)
- Butterfly identification table DIN A5
- Fabulous sticker set ""butterflies etc."" (approx. 150 pcs)
- Faceted lens made of plastic, approx. 34 mm diameter
- 1 small foam food sponge, approx. 3.5 cm diameter
- 1 plastic pipette
- Butterfly food, approx. 5 g
- Detailed instructions
- 12 copy templates (differentiated for kindergarten and school)
- 4 interactive exercises for tablet, PC, overhead projector or whiteboard


How do I order my caterpillars?
Order your caterpillars postage-free by entering the code printed on your voucher at the link specified. Remember to specify when you want to receive your caterpillars. You can give a desired date between March and October.

Note: we always ship the caterpillars on a Monday, otherwise they would be in transportation for an unnecessarily long period over the weekend. Consequently, caterpillar deliveries are usually made from the middle of the requested calendar week. You can redeem the voucher at any time of the year, however, the larvae will only be sent from mid-March to early October (depending on weather conditions).


When planning, remember:
- Once you redeem your voucher, it will take about 2 weeks for the caterpillars to be delivered. You can give a desired date between March and October.
- Once you have received the caterpillars, it takes about 1-2 weeks for them to pupate. About 1-2 weeks later the butterflies will emerge. At 24°C, the entire development process into a butterfly takes about 3 weeks. If it is cooler, this can take 4-5 weeks.
- Not a toy!

- To give as a gift with a voucher for the caterpillars
- With everything that's needed for breeding
- Incl. fabulous additional materials
- Caterpillars not included - shipping will take place free of charge on the desired date, once the voucher is redeemed"

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01 Jan 2021

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