Learning and Experimenting

Science4you ECO Science-Assortment

Solar Robots, Swamp Exploring and more!

Product description

Do you think you have a little scientist at home?
With the included instruments, you can help your children set up a real laboratory to make own scientific experiences. Children will learn the basics about science and how to run through own chemistry and physics projects! Enjoy watching your kid experimenting like a real scientist.

Learn all about becoming an eco-warrior, through recycling, renewable energy, plants and more!
Certified STEM product, helping develop key development skills through learning. Made with 80% less single use plastic and recycled materials.

• Sciene4you helps to bring exciting science closer to children and encourage their interest and curiosity to explore the world
• the playsets enable the development of motor, emotional, cognitive and social skills.
• the right balance of fun and learning

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Sept 2021

Recommended retail price:
16.99 EUR