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Tell a story – write a story!

Picture box and copy templates

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The picture box can be used by school starters with emerging writing skills as a low-threshold introduction for writing first texts and little stories. Each of the simple, exciting picture sequences has a little punch line. Therapists and educators delivering targeted interventions can use the picture stories as speaking prompts, for vocabulary building and for language comprehension when working with children who are unable to write.

Contents: 14 colored picture stories, each consisting of 4 – 6 individual cards, with a total of 72 picture cards, format 9 x 9 cm, instructions.

The folder contains master copies of all the stories from the picture box Tell a story – write a story. It provides pedagogues with additional teaching materials and worksheets to accompany each child step by step during their own writing process.

Contents: 14 picture stories of the picture box (121 23) as black and white copy templates, format 8 x 8 cm and 4 x 4 cm, didactic tips, 12 blank templates.

Suitable for: Children aged 5 and over, first school years, language therapy.

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Apr 2020

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