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Snails Beauty Case Gift

Snails Beauty Mermaid Shade case

Product description

Collecting Snails products is not enough! But having also a luxurious girly little suitcase to carry them around makes all the difference! Our princesses feel special and have so much fun…
The suitcase comes with a nail file and will be sold separately as a Snails case, to collect all your favorite Snails products. This will urge the customers to buy more Snails products in order to fill up their special Snails suitcase. Great for parties and sleep overs.
Since we are referring to children, the colour scheme of the suitcase is a trendy mermaid shade, which passes across the message of fun. The inside is velvet black in order for the products inside to stand out.
The suitcase can fit:
•Snails Nail Polishes 10.5 ml
•Snails Nail Polishes 7 ml
•Snails Nail Glitter
•Snails Body Glitter
•Snails Lollips
•Snails Nail Stickers
•Snails Eyeshadows

Product data

Available since/from:
02 Jan 2021

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