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Yvolution | Y Velo Junior Balance

Develops Motor Skills, Coordination and Balance

Product description

Todays kids skip the tricycles and training wheels and go straight from a balance bike to a bicycle.
The Y Velo Junior is designed from the ground up to teach balance, coordination and gross motor skills. It allows kids to practice with a stable double-width wheel before switching to a single wheel as they build confidence. Balancing at a young age means they’ll be well ahead when it comes to riding a pedal bike later on. In the meantime, this is a great way to give them their first taste of freedom!

INNOVATION: The iconic dual rear wheel make it easier for kids to hold the bike. The dual wheel gives the bike stability, which means they learn to balance on 2 wheels, faster.
Balance bikes allow children as young as 18 months to be prepared for cycling for life before stepping up to a pedal bike by three or four years old - without ever using training wheels/stabilisers

• cool design, available in 4 different colours
• adjustable handlebar with 3 height settings
• super grip deck
• rear wheels adjustable: from double to single wheel

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Jun 2021

Recommended retail price:
69.99 EUR

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