Model Construction

First Faun made by WIKING is a modern classic

Scale 1:87

Product description

The first of its kind in WIKING's product range, this Faun closes a gap in the modern classics line-up of heavy load lorries. The traditional model makers focused their attention on the Faun 610/36 heavy load flatbed lorry, which will be suitable for pairing with the Culemeyer low-loader trailer. The designers at WIKING have miniaturised the original of model year 1965 in fine detail. Examples of the intricate detail include the driver's cab that can shine a warning light as needed and the extensive engravings that make the unusual driver's cab appear remarkably true to the original. The radiator grille is inserted as a separate piece, while the four headlamps will later appear imprinted silver. Attesting to its heavy-duty applications are the cable winch engraving with the towing eye and the cable on the rear. It is, of course, also possible to equip the chassis with a heavy load flatbed. Another option is to use the Faun as a twin-axle tractor unit for transports at the construction site. Throughout its production time, the F610 was offered with a 10-cylinder Deutz V-engine that put out between 250 and 275 hp and boasted an impressive engine displacement of nearly 15 litres. Once again proving their boldness to close gaps in their model portfolio, WIKING is delivering the prototype that many collectors had been requesting.

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