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Normag Faktor I makes its début in the H0-scale

Scale 1:87

Product description

This model is a tribute to the years when WIKING's first started out by manufacturing both the fledgling series of unglazed models in the 1:100 scale and industrial orders in a larger scale. In this vein, WIKING’s new products in 2021 will include a miniaturised version of the classic Normag Faktor I tractor which master model maker Alfred Kedzierski used to make available as a advertising model - - to the great delight of the manufacturer whose scale was indicated as 1:50 in 1953. The traditional model makers found it a cinch to use the large sibling model as a tool to craft the 1:87 model. The matching proportions and the true-to-the-original engravings make it possible to attain a level of miniaturisation that lives up to the ambitious character shared by all tractor classics. Recreated based on the NG 16 original with 15 hp, which was only produced for one year between 1951 and 1952 and later replaced by the more powerful F16, the model will be available with a cutter bar and plough - just as the prototype from WIKING history. The model makers have given the attached twin-steering swing axle complete movability. The radiator grille features the signature vent slots, while the air filter is attached on the left. The headlamps are inserted in a bid to reproduce the authenticity of the large original in the 1:87 scale. These features give recognition to WIKING's esteemed tradition, which would be practically incomplete without the Normag Faktor I.

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