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KLACKS Box: Small box, big sound!

Drumming is from now on ”KLACKS”!

Product description

With KLACKS! you learn rhythm in the simplest way. For this we have developed a system of notes consisting of symbols.

That's why every KLACKS! - Instrument is printed with two red and one blue hand which mark the two sounds "bass and snare". The representation with symbols and colors allows children to play easily with rhythm.

Every KLACKS Box comes with a Textbook and some rhythm exercises so that you can start drumming immediately. So have fun, playing drums!

Within seconds the KLACKS Box is ready for use at schools or in preschool and can be used as a table- or floor drum.

The KLACKS is made out of high-quality birch wood and is particularly space-saving because of its flat design. But the sound is great for the slim design: The KLACKS! - Box guarantees a differentiated bass and snare sound.


Product data

Available since/from:
01 Jan 2018

Recommended retail price:
39.00 EUR