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RABE SOCKE with candy cone

RABE SOCKE with shiny candy cone

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He is cheeky, curious and willing to compromise in all situations: since the publication of his first story in 1996, the Little Raven has become an identifiable character for children aged between three and eight. The Little Raven is published at Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag and, with more than seven million books sold throughout the world in 31 languages, is one of the most successful storybook classics. The Little Raven has also been very successful on the big screen: the first film (2012) was watched by 490,000 people, the second (2015) by 425,000. The episodes of “The Little Raven” on the German children’s channel achieve a sensational market share of 39 % amongst three to thirteen-year olds and are therefore amongst KIKA’s top three programmes almost every day.
The Little Raven is also popular with the extended target group: parents (30-49 years old) and grandparents (50+) recognise their (grand)children in the protagonist, whilst teachers use the Little Raven as a “class mascot”.
The Little Raven is particularly suitable for school starters! With a brightly coloured school cone, the Little Raven is the perfect companion for children starting school.
The product is 100 % made of polyester. In order to stay cuddly enough for the young cuddly toy lovers, the product is made of a high-quality, soft plush fabric, which can be cuddled for hours without losing its shape or softness.
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25 Feb 2021

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