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myminigolf AIRTRACK

The mobile miniature golf course

Product description

With AIRTRACK we are offering a playing field for our obstacle parts for the first time.
The Minigolf course (340 x 140cm) balances unevennesses of the underground and offers perfect ball-speed and performance. Mobile, easy and fast: Roll-out - open the valve - the playing area inflates by itself within 5 minutes. Only the edge needs to be pumped separately. The cover is printed with a start point and outlines to position our obstacle parts. For playing just fit one obstacle after each other on its outline and all players run through it. So you only need the space for one course. The edge framing the playing field stops the ball from rolling away and offers the play over the boards. Including carrying bag made of polyester.

Product data

Available since/from:
December 2020

Recommended retail price:
199.00 EUR

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