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Plum Discovery Water Run Forest


Product description

Let children experience hours of active outdoor, play. With the Plum Discovery® Forest Water Run kids can engage in STEAM activities which combine experimental play and learning.

Made from durable FSC® certified sustainably sourced wood; the water run consists of three levels with five individual wooden reservoirs. Each reservoir has a transparent watertight liner.

Children can start the adventure by filling the top reservoir; this compartment has a hosepipe attachment to ensure constant water flow. From there, kids can work the three-way racing gates, which can be opened and closed to different heights to regulate flow and water direction.

This adaptable function allows children to race and play together. The gates are also transparent, letting children view the water contents adding new elements to sensory and messy play.

What not try…
Soapy suds
or homemade boats!

Watch as the contents floods the natural bamboo racing chutes into the below reservoirs, before it finishes its journey in the bottom basin. The basin can then be picked up and the water contents can be added back into the top to being the race all over again!

Can’t see in the top? No worries, there’s a 2-in-1 step with storage so smaller children can join in the fun!

And, there’s more…
Children can get even more creativity using the easy clean painting screen to map out their races and keep score.

Product data

Available since/from:
1 Apr 2021

Recommended retail price:
399.95 EUR

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