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Scoop & Sieve set 100% made from recycled plastic

The dynamic duo every sand-sculptor needs

Product description

A true, dynamic duo. The Scoop and Sieve in a dusty blue shade are unmissable beach tools. Behind every great sandcastle is a great Scoop and Sieve!

A true sand sculpturer deserves only the best scoop. Ours is multifunctional and about as sturdy as it gets. Scoop, write, pour and style! (Yes it can really do all that). The back of the Scoop has a fun geometric pattern, press it into the sand and create an awesome design on your sand sculpture.

The Sieve lets kids effortlessly collect little stones, seashells and other pretty things found on the beach or anywhere else in nature. They can simply sift sand until they’re left with little gems in the Sieve. After picking them out they can be used to decorate and add another layer to their sand creations.

Both tools have a handle in the shape of a pencil with a handy (pun intended) point at the end that lets you write and draw things in the sand. You’ll also find a tiny hole in that little pencil point that lets you pour out water with the precision of a true artist.

- Scoop & Sieve set
- Made 100% from recycled plastic waste (PP)
- Plastic waste from Dutch households
- Made in Holland
- Dutch design by Remortel (that awesome guy from the Dopper bottle)
- New colours arriving soon
- Charming brand packaging made from recycled paper
- Tested for safety and certified by SGS Spijkenisse
- The Scoop and Sieve are both around 20cm long

Put on your headphones, press play on the video below and escape into our world with our 8D sound experience!

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Available since/from:
01 Jan 2021

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9.95 EUR