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Xtend Mg+: 3 Bikes in 1 by smarTrike

The smart way to learn to ride!

Product description

The Xtend Mg+ by smarTrike is the world’s first balance-to-pedal bike with a telescopically extendable frame.

The Xtend Mg+ is for ages 3 to 6 and is built from magnesium-lite alloy so its light structural frame helps toddlers balance and cycle with minimal exertion while learning or riding. The bike can transform in sizing with seat, handlebar, and frame adjustment.

1st Stage: Introduces a balancing concept, at the lowest frame height and without pedals.
2nd Stage: Time to try cycling. Attach the pedals and introduce the notion of pedaling to progress forward rather than pushing off the ground.
3rd Stage: Adjust the handlebar, seat height, and extend the base frame to meet the sizing of a growing child.

Facts & Features:
3 Bikes in 1: All materials needed to change between stages are included in the box.
Telescopically Extendable Frame: The first, and currently only, bike in the world that’s frame is able to telescopically extend with a growing child.
Magnesium-lite Alloy: Extremely light materials make it easy to carry and for little ones to maintain balance while learning.
Pedal Attachment: Hassel-free configuration with only the tightening/loosening of 3 screws to add on the pedal mechanism.

Product data

Available since/from:
10 Sep 2019

Recommended retail price:
249.00 EUR