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4x4 Power Monster Truck (699 Parts)

Cada - C61008W

Product description

Many fans of building blocks are constantly looking for a set that will allow them to take their experience to a higher level, where the finished structure will not only have an eye-catching design, but will also be able to perform exceptionally well. Is this combination possible? CaDA C61008W is the answer!

CaDA C61008W is a 4x4 cool looking off-roader with impressive features and performance. This authentic CaDA truck features blue, white and black color schemes with an aggressive looking truck front.
The truck consists of 699 parts, making it a great option not only for advanced builders, but also for those just getting into this exciting hobby.
The set comes in a motorized version with new CaDA Pro-series performance features: a Pro-series L-motor, a Pro-series servo, two LED lights and a battery box with transmitter.
The rugged design features independent high-rise suspension and large wheels with soft tires combined with all-wheel drive.
Since this set is not only for indoor use, CaDA research and development team also thought about the parts that can have a big impact.
The truck is equipped with 2 Cardan metal joints in the ball joints and 4 carbon fiber axles to restore the stable performance of the chassis.
With these practical solutions, look for new challenges in off-road crawling. Different track conditions require different speeds, so you can choose between low and high speed modes.
The speed mode switch is manually controlled. For added convenience, the body of the truck can be removed in seconds as it is attached to the truck with 2 pins - quick and easy.
In addition to all the cool features, the truck is equipped with working LED lights front and rear.

The C61008W combines stunning looks with a straightforward and smart design, so you can enjoy the building process and achieve powerful performance results on any rough terrain of your choice.

- Battery box, powerful motor, universal metal joint, carbon fiber shaft, shock absorber spring, herringbone tires.
- Two function modes switchable by the transmission for racing / climbing, adjustable for different game scenes.
- CaDA power system (L Motor Pro & Steering Servo Pro & LED lights) remotely controls the forward / reverse / left turn / right turn / lights and other functions. The shock absorber system + high power motor make the monster climbing car run more powerful.
- Based on the prototype design of the Bigfoot off-road vehicle, the styling lines are smooth and rough, and the proportions are matched, and the appearance of the real car is greatly restored. At the same time, the design of the integrated quick release car tray and quick release battery box is a highlight of the product.
- Exquisite atmospheric high-end packaging, good gifts for children.

Transmitter range: 25m
Maximum speed: 3.8km/h
Number of parts: 699
Dimensions: 326x221x208mm
Age group: 14+

Scope of delivery
- 1x C61008W Monster Truck (699 parts)
- 1x manual

Product data

Available since/from:
12 April 2021

Recommended retail price:
79.99 EUR