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BLOCKI MyArmy Combat helicopter KB0917

BLOCKI – Imagination rules here!

Product description

BLOCKI MyArmy Combat helicopter is one of the most impressive and the biggest sets of the Classic BLOCKI MyArmy collection. This set includes 369 elements that combined create a great model of a combat helicopter with many interesting details. There are also two soldiers figurines included in this BLOCKI set.
BLOCKI MyArmy collection is one of the classics and also one of the young constructors’ favorites. MyArmy series has been reviewed by bloggers and youtubers and gained only positive opinions. What is more, BLOCKI MyArmy Military base received a top Children’s Day toy award of the Polish World of Toys Magazine in 2020. All of BLOCKI MyArmy sets, including the Combact helicopter and Military base, can be combined and create a big military combat complex, which will guarantee many hours of creative playtime. BLOCKI MyArmy sets are dedicated for children at the age of 6 and older.

- Set ID: KB0917
- Collection: BLOCKI MyArmy
- 369 elements
- 2 figurines
- User age: 6+

Product data

Available since/from:
1 Nov 2020