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Botley® 2.0 The Coding Robot

Learn coding with 100% screen-free play

Product description

Award-winning Botley 2.0 the Coding Robot helps children as young as five learn coding fundamentals through 100% screen-free play. It’s easy to start coding with Botley 2.0. - children use the Remote Programmer to programme this coding robot to complete a sequence of up to 150 steps. The directional arrow buttons on the gaming-style remote lets children programme Botley 2.0 to move forwards, backwards, turn left or right, and turn at 45° angles.
Botley 2.0 also comes with fun, playful features. Its eyes light up, can change colour, and children can even code a light sequence. Children can unlock Botley 2.0’s hidden features, and transform Botley 2.0 into a ghost, police car, dinosaur and more. 
When programming Botley 2.0 children are introduced to coding concepts including algorithms, sequences, debugging, loops and problem-solving through fun, hands-on play. Botley 2.0 is ideal for first timers as well as experienced young coders. Children will enjoy many hours of screen-free, hands-on play. 

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Available since/from:
01 Jan 2020

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