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BRUDER - bworld Kajak with kayaker

"Theme world Leisure Time"

Product description

BRUDER - bworld Kajak with kayaker

Today, kayaks are a symbol of sporting and leisure fun on the water. This sports equipment combines the advantages of holistic fitness training with a special closeness to nature. These water companions allow you to reach shores that other water sports enthusiasts cannot.
BRUDER has also discovered this versatile sport and presents the new bworld kayak in its leisure themed world. The paddler is perfectly protected with a helmet and life vest. The floating kayak is equipped with a removable splash cover and has a holder for the supplied double paddle. The BRUDER water craft (item no. 63151) is a particularly fitting addition from the extensive leisure themed world.

Article characteristics:

- Floating kayak
- Female paddler with helmet and paddle

- Limbs and head move in three directions
- Hands can grasp objects or hold onto vehicles

Size ( L / W / H ) [cm]: 30,3 x 5,0 x 3,1