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Eofauna Palaeoloxdon antiquus

Phthalate free pvc figure at 1:35 (12.5 x 24 cm)

Product description

An educative product for kids and adults, which includes collectable/playing card. The users can play and learn while playing with the figure and its card, especially about its anatomy, geography, and also concepts involving maths and physical quantities (units and dimensions). Also, the users have the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of figures through the books of Eofauna.

The enormous straight-tusked elephant, Palaeloxodon antiquus, was characterized by very long, relatively straight tusks. Additionally, extraordinarily developed muscles were attached to a peculiar crest on the forehead. It was arguably the most robust elephant species that ever lived. It is closely related to the extant African forest elephant.

The Eofauna Palaeoloxdon antiquus figure is based on several skeleton individuals (152-E9 / 175-E23A / 175-E23B specimens) from Neumark-Nord, Germany studied and described by Eofauna palaeontologist Asier Larramendi.

Product data

Available since/from:
25 Jan 2021

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22.90 EUR