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Kids Boxes and Surprise Bags in Customers Layout

with Customer Logo or in Complete Customer Design

Product description

The kids boxes or surprise bags can be created with the customer's logo or in a complete customer design. This promotes customer loyalty immensely.
High-quality and varied toys are also supplied with these products.

Price examples:
Edition: 1,000 pieces of surprise bags (size C5) in customer design, each filled with 2 toys - unit price: € 0.59 net.

Edition: 7,500 kids boxes in customer design, each supplied with a toy - unit price: € 0.89 net.

If desired, the goods can also be called off within a year, for example in units of 200. Deliveries are free of charge.

The production times for your individual product are approx. 2 weeks for surprise bags and approx. 8 weeks for kids boxes.

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Jan 2021