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Mandala stone

A big stone to relax while making mandalas

Product description

Because everyone has real needs, even kids.

The world is changing, and the little ones need to adapt to it and grow up while having a great time playing.

In Miniland we want to make things easy for parents, and we offer them an amazing collection of toys and experiences that will help kids in their daily needs while having fun.

Discover all the real needs that our toys work, in a clear and simple way, and fall in love with their beautiful designs and themes.

My kid needs to focus and relax.

Mandala stone offers a big “river stone” which the Little ones can use to create drawings using brightly colored beads that come in different shapes.

Go back to ancestral times and promote the creativity and concentration that favors relaxation.

Relaxing melodies from around the world available in the Miniland app will sound during the game.

A unique multi-sensory experience that the littles ones can enjoy anywhere!

Big base to make mandalas comfortably

Shaped like a large river stone for the little ones to use the pieces easily and relax for hours creating endless designs.

200 crystal effect beads well kept

Thanks to the pieces of multiple colors and shapes, children can recreate the most colorful mandalas, even being able to stack them up to 3 heights. Moreover, thanks to the practical bag included, they can store them all once the game is over.

Multisensory experience

Miniland app includes relaxing melodies from around the world to be played during the game to favor concentration.

Includes 6 inspiring models

The little ones will be able to follow the bright colorful mandala designs included to promote their creativity.


Product data

Available since/from:
18 Jan 2021

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