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Roar Suv-38

Mine City-Racing Car Series

Product description

Mine City new racing car series is based on the theme of city chasing. A group of passionate racers are racing and chasing in the brightly lit city at night. There are two types of cars-6-brick and 8-brick-width. The 6-brick-width car has a lower body height than the first-generation of Racing car (launched in December 2019), and the ratio is more aesthetically pleasing. The newly added 8-brick-width vehicle body has an increased sense of volume and truly reproduces the actual vehicle; Some racing cars can easily disassemble the engine cover to restore the rich interior. Each racer has his own helmet, which can be exchanged. With the simple disassembly of the roof, the racer can sit in the cab to start a new driving experience and control the top speed.

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Dec 2020

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