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Technik spielend begreifen!

Product description

Program like a professional with fischertechnik Robotics Hightech!

9 exciting models are just waiting to be built and programmed. The beginner models offer an easy to understand glimpse of the world of robotics and programming. More advanced students can get started with the high-end models, like the painting robot or shooting robot. One highlight of this building set are the omniwheels, which are operated by four encoder motors and allow the robot to move in any direction. Our camera with image processing is also included, and allows the football robot, for example, to identify a ball – he shoots, he scores! The new fischertechnik TXT 4.0 Controller works with new ROBO Pro Coding programming software to offer a variety of new features. In addition to graphic programming in the Blockly library, it now also allows for programming using Python. The software is not dependent on any specific operating system, and can be used on mobile devices. The building set includes a servo motor, an infrared track sensor and an ultrasound distance sensor as well.

Here you can find the English product video.

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Available since/from:
01 Jul 2021

Recommended retail price:
549.90 EUR

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