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volk's baukasten® Kindergarten-Set

FFor educational institutions

Product description

The Kindergarten-Set is suitable for playing in groups in Kindergarten and similar day-Care-Center.

Invites girls and boys to play with fun and inspires their passion for construction. Small and simple to build models enable an easy access into the world of construction. The components are easily assembled with the plug-in stubs or by screw connection.
Especially the look and feel together with the size of each component makes this construction toy set already for small children very handy and creates a desire to build and play. Yet supports a step-by-step assembly the development of motor skills as well as visual and logical thinking.

445 parts, manual inclusive, many different models possible.
From 4 years.
Models: Scooter, mini loader, mini car, little man (figures).

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Product data

Available since/from:
01 January 2018