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Christmas cib craft sheet paper toy

playable Christmas paper cot

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Christmas cib craft sheet

After cutting out and gluing together, a stable backdrop surrounded by small alleys is created. Mary and Joseph look at their child in the manger and shepherds and kings bring gifts. Ox, donkey and sheep watch over the newborn. Making paper nativity scenes during Advent with family, grandparents and siblings has a long tradition in the Erzgebirge, Bavaria, Swabia, Austria and Tyrol. Even today, it is an important part of the pre-Christmas season to build a nativity scene and set it up in the Christmas room. With the child-friendly and contemporary illustrated Christmas cot by Kurt Völtzke, children have great fun snipping and doing Advent crafts.

Snipping is great fun for children and promotes important fine motor skills.
Advent handicrafts with the whole family or with a carer
Suitable for children aged 5 and over with adult help.
Creative paper toy - playable Christmas cot - paper cot
printed on sturdy paper
Nativity figures handy for children's hands to play with
Size: 8 sheets with stable, old town, animals and play figures
Size of sheet: 24 x 32 cm
Size of paper nativity scene: 30 x 23 x 22 cm

Building time approx. 3 h, level of difficulty: medium, children from 5 years can cut out the figure outlines and assemble the Christmas crib with grandma & grandpa, mum & dad or carer

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01 Sep 2018

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