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Layer Puzzle: Lifecycle of a Boy

Great wooden toys for learning biology

Product description

Layer puzzles promote the ability to concentrate, combine and imagine. Children gain insights into different developmental stages or into the inner structure of boys or girls.

Attractive, lovingly detailed presentations offer opportunities for conversation. Finding the right names for the puzzles.

  • Naming the development steps
  • Discuss time schedules. How much time has passed between the individual stages?

Each puzzle consists of five development steps or four layer puzzles. The first picture (first development step) is printed in the bottom of the puzzle frame. On the puzzle frame, there is an overview of all development steps on the top right.
The individual layers of the jigsaw puzzles can also be puzzled next to each other on the table, so that a direct comparison is visible, or the differences or developmental steps become clear.

Product data

Available since/from:
1 Feb 2021

Recommended retail price:
7.95 EUR

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