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“LiL HOUSE” climbing activity cube for children

The multifunctional play cube for active playtime!

Product description

“LiL HOUSE” kids climbing activity cube with chalkboard is made of the high quality Baltic birch plywood.
Useful for climbing and crawling activities for toddlers of 2 – 6 years age. Useful as a playhouse. Chalkboard wall included as an additional feature for kids` fun time. This cube encourages independent and exciting playtime. The cube is multifunctional and portable. It can be used from all sides and can be turned around.
“LiL HOUSE” play cube consists of: 2 sides with ladder for climbing, 2 sides with cut out openings, 1 side closed and covered with chalkboard paint (color blue or grey), 1 side open. (Natural cube with no chalkboard also included in this product line).
This cube also includes 4 handles for the safety of climbing. Kids can use wall openings as the entrance into the cube and use it as a playhouse. Closed flat side can be used as a roof or as a floor for the cube. The cube can also have a table function on it`s flat upper side.
Assembled product size:
- 64,5cm /H/ x 62cm /W/ x 57cm /D/
- 25,4″ /H/ x 24,4″ /W/ x 22,4″ /D/
Order/delivery conditions: Products come unassembled in flat boxes. Assembly is easy and fast, according to the instruction attached. Different volume orders accepted. Open for dropshipping and volume deliveries on pallets.
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Product data

Available since/from:
01 Jan 2021

Recommended retail price:
200.00 EUR

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